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Check If Record Already Exists Before Saving Data

This customization shows how to verify if a record already exists when inserting a new record.
Select a record control
Table Name
Select a table to insert record
Primary Key
Select the primary key in the table
Primary Key Control
Select the primary key control in the table
Applies to
RecordControl class
''' This sub is called when a record is getting saved. Call MyBase.SaveData()
''' only if duplicate record is not present in the database.
Public Overrides Sub SaveData()
    Dim whereStr As String = ${${Table Name}ClassName}.${Primary Key}.UniqueName & " = '" & Me.${Primary Key Control}.Text & "'"

    ' Check if record already exists before saving.
    Dim rec As ${${Table Name}RecordClassName} = ${${Table Name}ClassName}.GetRecord(whereStr)
    If (Not IsNothing(rec)) Then
      ' If record exists, do not save the record
       ' Save the record if it does not exists
    End If
End Sub

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