Button Customization

Get ID of Saved Record in Button Click Handler

Get ID of Saved Record in Button Click event handler.
Record Control Class
Select a table control
Table Name
Select the database table.
Primary Key Field
Select a auto-increment field or uniqueidentifier field
Button Control
Select the Save button on the page
Applies to
P_Button Control class
''' This is the Event handler for Save Button. When the user clicks on the save button, The example saves the primary key
''' in a temporary ID variable, allowing you to add custom code that uses this variable. 
Public Sub ${Button Control}_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As EventArgs)

       ' Please remove the above code: SaveButton_Click_Base(sender, args) for this customization to run successfully. 
       ' Set shouldRedirect as true
        Dim shouldRedirect As Boolean = true
			' Start Transaction and save data
			' Get record control.
			Dim rec As ${Table Name}Record = Me.${Record Control Class}.GetRecord
			' Retrieving integer primary key and do more code customization like passing the retrieved value to another page, stored procedure and so on.
			Dim tempId As String = rec.${Primary Key Field}.ToString()
			'  For example, redirect to another page by passing the saved record's ID
			Me.Page.Response.Redirect("../OtherPages/SomeOtherPage.aspx&ID=" + tempId )
        Catch ex As Exception
            shouldRedirect = false  
  		    Me.ErrorOnPage = True
			' If there is an Exception then display an alert message
            BaseClasses.Utils.MiscUtils.RegisterJScriptAlert(Me, "BUTTON_CLICK_MESSAGE", ex.Message)    
        End Try
       ' If shouldredirect then save controls to session and redirect back
       If shouldRedirect Then
          Me.ShouldSaveControlsToSession = true
       End If            
End Sub


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